Jaeann and Blair | Trash the Dress
06.07.2012trash the dress

Jaeann and Blair celebrated their one year anniversary with us down near Messerly Springs in Eustis!

When Jaeann and I first met, we talked a lot about their session and using this opportunity to enjoy their first year of wedded bliss! Even though their original cake top melted in the great freezer incident of 2011, we got some amazing cupcakes from The Sugar Suite! Super cute and beyond tasty, after the shoot we all enjoyed one or three :)

And after their champagne picnic, we got down and dirty with an ATV drive and a jump in the springs!

  • Ed Crittenden: Great Pictures, really cool to see the entire album vs the eariler teasers!! Still waiting on Royality Commission for Prop Support!! LOL!!
  • MissLilly: gorgeous!!! Love the idea on the lake, love everything. Beautiful and amazingly captured
  • Jaenea - Mamma J: Great Pictures!!!
  • Judi: BRILLIANT!!!!
  • Courtney M: Amazing! Can we come to Florida for our 1 year? and 2 year? And 3 year…. ect? :P
  • Angie Stevens: This session is so super sweet and the love they have for one another is very obvious! Beautifully captured Kristen!
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