Sunrise and sunset photos

04.23.15 | Life

With all the rain coming down on us this month, let’s shine it up with some of our favorite sunrise and sunset photos from previous shoots! Let’s track back to a rainy wedding from last year. Always looking on the bright side, after a day of rain on the farm the sun finally came out...

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Sunset Farm Bridal Party

10 Favorite Moments of the Month

04.01.15 | Life

If you took a look at our Keep up with KWP posts recently, you probably noticed that we have been extremely busy with so many different types of shoots! As hectic as that sounds, we still love to take the time to admire the hard work our clients put into their special moments with us....

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Ellie and Nick | Married

03.31.15 | Weddings

November 22, 2014 | St. Petersburg, FL There’s something so special about the way that Nick looks at Ellie. If there was a way for me to describe it, I would – but I can’t. It’s something I tried so hard to capture in photographs, but even looking back – it’s more than a look....

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Keep up with KWP | Week 11 and 12

03.29.15 | Last Week

I figured it would take somewhere around March for me to get super confused on my weeks – so I think we’re on track, but regardless, we had a crazy busy month now that the weather is so beautiful out! It was also my birthday, and then we had 3 weddings in one weekend –...

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